Our breeding program is simple... prettiest around, soundest around.  Charming personalities as also high on the list.  Our top pedigrees just sweeten the deal.

Our view about raising dogs came from our mother who raised dogs for over years.  "It costs just as much to feed an ugly dog as a beautiful one".  All of our dogs have completed their championships with big wins.  They are beautiful family pets  from then on!

​Our lovingly renovated and expanded 1865 farmhouse sits on private acreage.  Many parts of our home were built just for the comfort of the dogs as they are family too!

One of the better kept secrets in the dog world since 1879 is the elegant, athletic, charming and affectionate whippet.  Whippets are a devoted companion...  In the blink of an eye, they can go from a bed warmer, to a speed racer extraordinaire.  Whippets are addicting, quiet and easy to live with.

We at Piper Whippets and Dachshunds have fallen in love with the Mini Dachshunds.  Nothing shy about them and so loving!  They make a delightful and adaptable pet.

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